Let’s see what’s possible for you and your business. My ‘why’ is to help you understand yours. That space is where ah-ha moments come from, a moment of inspiration where you clearly see your marketing path forward and what you need to be successful. It’s when your face lights up. Seeing you get excited is what inspires me. Let’s see how your business can grow in new ways.


Lighting your path forward through a solid marketing strategy, plan, and implementation process. Marketing can feel overwhelming to many. As your strategic partner, together we will create clear outcomes at the beginning of the project, strategize on the best approaches for your timeline and budget, and systematically implement the plan. Whether that means working with current teams or bringing partners together, my role is to be a success-driven GPS for your team and company.


As a marketing expert and team leader, I enjoy partnering with collaboratives, agencies, and companies as a strategic marketing project manager on larger scale projects. Whether you have a website, video, event or other project, I help you fill in the gaps on your team for 3+ months on these special projects. The benefit to you is combined expertise in project management, strategy, and planning to better lead projects. Let’s see how I can help you and your team manage your important marketing projects.


Hi, I’m Dani! I’m an energetic thinker and can be found walking around HQ Greensboro and downtown Greensboro. Those are the moments I have breakthroughs for my clients. Or just feel like I have to move. As an entrepreneur, I am always gathering information and ideas and seeing how I could give them to others or apply them. I’m often ask myself how could this be simplified, systematized and leveraged.


How about now? Is there ever a perfect time for anything? I love to connect with others so even if it’s just a “Hello, I’m curious about…”, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you.





Joy Works Marketing

As the Founder and Director of Marketing of a digital marketing agency, my role was delightfully varied. (Case Studies)

  • Grew sales to over $125,000 annually
  • Grew team to over 15 contract workers
  • Tripled traffic, leads, and sales for multiple clients
  • Developed new business relationships while living in Europe for 6 months

Natural Wood Decor / Rug Co

As a co-founder of two online stores selling eco-friendly home decor, I was responsible for operations, marketing, and growing the business while working a full time job.

  • Grew to over $100,000 annually using online advertising, email, social media and general content marketing
  • Gained over 2,000 customers
  • Created internship program and hired over 10 specialists

Detroit Institute of Arts

As the Senior Communications Specialist, my role was to develop a marketing plan and strategy for each special exhibition within a limited time frame and budget.

  • Managed an average of 3 special exhibitions per year (e.g. Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus, Fabergé: The Rise and Fall, and Five Spanish Masterpieces)
  • Developed and managed project budgets ranging from $25,000 to $500,000


Tips for how to travel without plans

Tips for how to travel without plans

In the past month, I’ve stayed at over 7 places. That doesn’t count the number of Airbnbs I booked and didn’t like, the hotels I checked out, but didn’t like either, and the random spots I went to to find a place. I started my trip with 2 days booked in a small town in…

ECommerce Success Through Website Redesign

ECommerce Success Through Website Redesign

OREI Travel: The Importance of Product-Focused Design OREI, an electronics manufacturer, launched their website in 2012 to sell a range of video, audio, power and accessory products. Joy Works Marketing was hired to design a new website that showcased their travel adapter products and other travel accessories. OREI’s travel adapters are a speciality product with…

Creating a Social Media Butterfly

Creating a Social Media Butterfly

ZAQ: Online Growth for a Successful Aromatherapy Retailer ZAQ is an aromatherapy company that sells diffusers and essential oils to resellers and consumers. A leader in the diffuser industry, ZAQ focuses on health and wellness through aromatherapy. This industry has become increasingly competitive over the years with lower price point entrants in the marketplace and…

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