A Platform for Travel Stories

A Platform for Travel Stories

A Platform for Travel Stories

Wander Forrest: Giving Voice to Work-Travel

Wander Forrest is an information based blogging website created by Danielle Forrest, owner and founder of JWM, and her husband, Ryan. Wander Forrest’s main goal was the share Danielle and Ryan’s experiences as they travelled and worked remotely. The website redesign was also a way for the JWM team to work together on a website project that followed our six-step process.

The Goals

To create a website that was visually appealing as well as interesting to read content-wise, so friends and family (and the occasional new visitor) would enjoy their time on the website.

The Challenge

Wander Forrest’s website was relatively new at the time JWM started on the redesign. As such, it had no analytics in place to see what was working and what wasn’t; also the original template needed an overhaul – and finding the right look is sometimes the biggest challenge of all.

JWM simplified the process a bit, since the client was our own fearless leader:

  • Reviewed the completed the website redesign questionnaire;
  • Research of other travel blogs and sites, finding the ones that Danielle liked;
  • Discussion of the materials with the website designer;
  • Mock-ups sent to Danielle for review;
  • Completed light competitor research; and
  • Updated the logo.

The Results

The final website was a big success with the regular visitors (Danielle and Ryans friends and family). We found a site design that made it easy to keep up-to-date with the wandering Forrests while also representing their personality as a couple. JWM set up website analytics so that we can better track the success of each post – the most popular this year was “Yin, Yang And the Importance of Embracing Balance”.


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