ECommerce Success Through Website Redesign

ECommerce Success Through Website Redesign

ECommerce Success Through Website Redesign

OREI Travel: The Importance of Product-Focused Design

OREI, an electronics manufacturer, launched their website in 2012 to sell a range of video, audio, power and accessory products. Joy Works Marketing was hired to design a new website that showcased their travel adapter products and other travel accessories. OREI’s travel adapters are a speciality product with significant growth potential that got lost in the noise of the existing site.

Joy Works Marketing used our five-step model to create a website that is:

  • Designed specifically for the target audience – males 35-65 who classify themselves as members of the “smart” traveler group;
  • Visually appealing and draws the prospective buyer into the site to learn more about the full range of OREI travel products; and
  • Easy to use so visitors can quickly find the perfect travel adapter for their next adventure.


Step 1 – Strategy & Planning

In the first step of the website design process, JWM used data collected from a client questionnaire, market research and competitive analysis to create a blueprint for the new website. OREI’s existing website didn’t have any analytics available for JWM to study, so our strategy and planning was based on client input and research.

An important research element included developing a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, including the digital channels in use, shown below.


One key element that OREI wanted to include on their new site was ecommerce – their goal, among other things, was to increase sales.

At the end of the Strategy and Planning step, JWM developed:

  • Ecommerce strategy;
  • Brand guidelines;
  • A content strategy; and
  • A keyword and SEO strategy.

All were approved by the client before moving to the second step, Design.

Step 2 – Design

During step two, JWM graphic designers used the market research gathered in step one to create a series of page mock-ups. Their end goal: to bring the adapters to life and focus on how travelers would likely use them on their travels. Included in these mock-ups was a content outline that included calls to action (CTAs) on each product page, metadata to ensure better discovery via search engines, set up for cross-selling on all product pages, and a dedicated search engine for the products to ensure visitors can find exactly what they need.

JWM sent these mock-ups to OREI for feedback and approval.

Step 3 – Develop & Test

Once approved, JWM moved to step three, transforming the mock-up into reality. We researched various ecommerce platforms to use for OREI’s travel site and selected Shopify, the preeminent ecommerce platform on the market today.

The key to moving from the Design to the Develop & Test stage is creating designs that will easily transfer to the selected platform without requiring significant custom coding. This direction for the back-end coding means the transfer from conception to live-site is done quickly – reducing the typical design-to-live delays seen with other design projects.

Step 4 – Launch

Everyone’s favorite step – this is when a new website is moved from staging to production and can be seen by visitors for the first time. It is important to ensure that key reporting tools, like Google Analytics, are embedded at launch. This ensures that, over time, you can see where visitors spend time and how their usage flows within the site, so that adjustments can be made as needed.

Step 5 – Reporting

In fact, at JWM our fifth, final and ongoing stage of a website project is Reporting. Only through the active and deliberate measurement of user traffic can tweaks and adjustments be made; these small adjustments will have a significant impact on the site’s revenue generation potential.


Highlighting your products and separating them from the clutter of your website can have a significant impact on revenue, website views and exposure. Increasing sales is a marathon, not a sprint – preparing a good base for your product so that it can stand out is one part of your training. Providing a boost to products rate of sale (aka, its speed) is another. Monitoring the progress and tweaking as you go along is key.


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